Nov 21, 2012

Daring Red Wallpaper and the Office

Those dreaded cream colored walls at every working establishment have always bothered me.  I know that beige fits into every decor and will not clash with any other color.  But, honestly,life is all about color.  Red is the color of boldness.  It draws attention to itself like no other color.  Back in the early 90's, I worked at a moving company.  We sat in little cubettes, which is what I called them, they were half of a cubical.  All of the workers were lined up like sardines in a can.  Each desk a copy of the next.  A friend and I decided to put wall paper up in our work station with a stapler. (she now works with me at my current job and reminded me about this) It was red with small white dots. It looked beautiful!  We neatly arranged our papers on top with that lovely red background.  People would walk past our area, point and then laugh.  You know what? I didn't care.  I was trying to be an individual.  I wanted to break away from the blandness of everything and bring color into my world of work. 

When I bought my little house, the living room was a dull cream color with taupe carpet.  It was like walking into coldness. There was no warmth or pizazz. The first thing I did was paint the living room red.  It is still red to this day. I am very happy with it.  Have you ever done anything knowing that others might make fun of you?