Nov 9, 2012

Daoud Nassar: A man refusing to be an enemy

Picture by Johannes Zang
 He is not a tall man. He sat quietly in the front of the room waiting for his turn to speak.  From the moment he opened his mouth, I knew that he was humble.  A man from a place very different than my home. A man with struggles greater than I have ever had to face.  Trying to find ways to hold on to the precious inheritance which was handed down to him.  There are those who are trying to force him and his family to leave a place that he holds dear. Home.  Land that was passed down from his grandfather to his father, and now he is the holder of the deed. An Arab Palestinian, and a Christian in a land surrounded by Jews and Muslims.  Opposition from nearly every side.  Walls are being built and the roads blocked. Years wasted in court trying to prove his legal claim to the land for which he holds dear.  Yet he refuses to hate, he will not give in or give up, violence is not an option. What can he do? Three things the man must possess.  Faith, hope, and love, but the greatest is love.  The man is Daoud Nassar. He is involved with Tent of Nations.  It is a non profit organization that promotes building bridges to bring communities together. Click here for a link to a video called, Love your enemies. Daoud is a man with a big heart and even greater faith.