Nov 7, 2012

Chalybeate Water: Loaded with Minerals?

My picture of Traverse City, MI
While reading about my g-g-g-g-g-grandfather James Campbell of Walker County, Georgia, I discovered that he moved to foot of Lookout Mountain because he was told that chalybeate water would be good for his health.  This particular water is loaded with iron, which is supposed to be good for your health. Throughout history people have had periods of being health conscious.  Early in the 17th century, chalybeate water was said to have health-giving properties and was widely promoted as such, from Italy to the United States.  Many people fell for this hype. Yet they kept coming until it went out of "style" for drinking the water or has it?

Chalybeate Spring by Tommy Patto
I went to Ringgold, Georgia to visit some relatives and discovered mountain spring water that was crystal clear and tasted wonderful. The place was called Ellis Springs. While filling my jug, an elderly couple drove up and parked beside me. They brought gallon milk jugs and filled them with the water.  The old man told me that this was the best water around. You know, I believe him.  I haven't tasted water this good since I was there.

Picture by Paul Stanfield of Georgia

I like water and lots of it.  Drinking it is a healthy thing, whether there are minerals or not.