May 15, 2012

Wonderful Things are Happening for me Finally

Exciting things have been happening for me.  My house is in the process of getting painted.  I had hired a man back in March to do the job.  Have you ever looked at someone and knew by the looks of them that they wouldn't do what they promised?   He would come and work for a couple of hours and then go home.  Then he didn't show up for two weeks without a word and kept asking me for money.  I had to let him go because I knew in my heart that I would be throwing my money away with this man.  He came to my door asking for work. He just didn't do a good job. When my brother was over helping me with the roof on the garage, he told the man to take his things and leave.  It was okay that he was the bad guy and not me.  I hate hurting someone's feelings.  Once my brother saw the state of the house he stood up for me like all men should do for the women they love.

my front door
Another man came to my door the year before asking for work.  I asked him to take the paint off of my front door. When he was done he told me that the way it turned out was the best that he can do. He should be ashamed of himself.  Today, it is still a mess.  I can hardly wait until they start painting. The house will be green with white trim.