May 21, 2012

Duped Again?

A few months ago a young man from Morocco requested that we be friends on my personal Facebook account.  I didn’t know him but I wanted to see what his intentions were.  No word came from him until this past Sunday evening.  After a long day at work and then dinner with friends, I came home and got on line to see what was happening with my friends and family.  Within a matter of minutes he had sent me an instant message.  He started out with the usual greetings that one makes when greeting another.  I told him my history with my ex-husband.  I wrote to him in French, so that there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings.  Nothing of what I told him registered in his mind.  Before I knew it he was saying that I was cute, I have lovely eyes, and I look young despite my age of 51.  He said that he wanted to have children with me. I told him that he needs a young Muslim girl to have children with.  “No, I would like to have a child with you,” he said. 

I felt like a gazelle that was being hunted by a lion. He was going for the kill. I quickly ended the conversation. His intentions were very apparent.  I could feel the rage coming from deep within. How dare this man assume that I am old and desperate!!! I was offended by his seemingly lack of respect.  People are very disappointing.  Where are the good people?  I think that it is a myth to believe that good will triumph over evil.