May 18, 2012

Fort Wayne's Ali Baba's: The Mediterranean Experience

Today, I found heaven.  Well, not in the real sense, but close enough.  I like all kinds of food and will try anything.  A group of us went to dinner after dance class.  They wanted to try Mediterranean cuisine. As I opened the menu, I was pleasantly surprised.  They had Hummus, kabob, tabbouli, falafel and nammourah (which is basbousa in Morocco). I have heard of all of these dishes.  Everything on the menu looked so good and I chose the lamb kabob.  It was wonderful.  It was lightly spiced and very tender and served on a bed of rice.

Lamb Kabobs
Along with the kabob was hummus.  I am not an expert on hummus.  I do have my favorite store brand which pales in comparasion to the restaurants version. It was freshly made and was to die for. It was creamy with a hint of lemon.    

The owner and his family were wonderful.  During dinner the owner\chef came out to see if the food was to our liking.  We all raved about how good it was. I plan to try the falafel next and the shawarma. The meat is halal.  If you are ever in Fort Wayne, Indiana, be sure to visit this establishment. 

They are located at:
10812 Coldwater Road, Suite 1000
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46845