Dec 21, 2011

A New Moroccan Cookbook by Paula Wolfert

I could hardly wait to buy this new Moroccan cookbook when I heard about it a few months ago. It is over 500 pages of divine Moroccan recipes and lots of pictures too. Moroccan cuisine is like none that I have ever had. The food is spiced but not hot. Its all about the sauce, without it, well, it just isn't Moroccan. Once I ate my first meal, which was M'hummar, I was hooked. My cooking evolved into exotic dishes of chicken with olives and preserved lemons and many, many more. My friends and family rave over the food and often ask me to cook for them. 

There's Bastilla

and the meat lovers tangia

You can buy this book at Amazon for a reasonable price. It is well worth the investment. 

Photo's used with permission from the author.