Sep 4, 2015

Fork You!

No the fork did not want to run away with the spoon 
and the spoon got all bent out of shape. 

A friend and I went to a wine tasting event in a small town a few months ago. We happened to come on a day that a lot of vendors were there selling their wares.  I love anything vintage and my eyes were drawn to a booth loaded with sparkling silverware. The artist re-purposed old silver plate eating utensils by stamping them with cute sayings or curling the tines of a fork and making something naughty. When I saw the above fork, I laughed.  The artist' mother said that I must have the same sense of humor as her daughter. She said it is a pickle fork, but it is more than that, it is a statement. It took me a couple of minutes to decide whether to bring it home or not.  After all, who really needs a fork that is vulgar? But I couldn't leave it there. I thought that I may eventually give it to my brother. Once I brought it home the fork has not left my house but has been displayed in my kitchen window since. 

Jayne Smith (no relation) of Back Space on Facebook makes the most adorable forks, spoons, and knives.  If you are interested in looking at other things that she does just click on the link above.