Aug 26, 2015

Chicken Wire Dress Form

I love Pinterest and have a lot of different ideas out there in Pinterestland waiting to be tried.  A couple of years ago, I built a raised bed flower garden.  I have thyme, sage, chives and six roma tomato plants that came up on their own. Currently, the flower garden is not in accordance to Feng Sui and looks like it will topple over on its side at any moment. I have been working on the back yard for a while and it is nearly to my liking.  But it lacks art. 

I have driven by homes with the most beautiful gardens you can imagine and I am envious.  So far I have three stepping stones, a few colored bottles hanging on a metal trellis and nothing else.  Then I found projects that can be made with chicken wire on line. I had some left over for when the neighborhood cats thought that I had made an extremely large litter box just for them.  They were pleased, I was not. So, the excess sat in my garage for two years.  Then I saw a dress form made out of the wire.  I loved the idea and this weekend I made one.  The hardest part about this project is twisting the wires together. But if you have a wire cutter and needle nose pliers you are set, a pair of work gloves is a plus.  Twist the wires with the pliers and then curl them to look like little buttons. 

I used 48 inch chicken wire but you can use any size that you like.  I found a picture of a dress form and tried to copy what I saw.  Overall, the project took me about 2-3 hours.  I bought bright pink spray paint because I thought that it would show up better in the yard.  Then decorate with whatever you like.  I found some artificial flowers and an old necklace that someone gave me.  These dress forms would be great at Halloween decorated with cheese cloth and wide skirts.  There are tons of ways to shape them and decorate.  I have been eyeing a corset.  It looks a bit more complicated, but am willing to give it a try.  Final note, use stakes to anchor in the ground.