Jan 10, 2015

Stone Stacking Artwork

I  have always had a fascination with stones. The smoothness or the roughness of the stone is intriguing.  There is almost a kind of spiritual connotation when in a fountain or a river. The calming sound of water lapping onto the stones.  You can close your eyes and be lulled away into a peaceful state.  Man has been stacking stones for a very long time. 

I am drawn to these semi alters whenever I see them. While photographing at the graveyard, I have come across lots of them. The stone "art" need not be straight up and down in form but can be whimsical, unbalanced, yet unwavering and beautiful. Michael Gard turned stacking stones into beautiful artwork. Watch his video below.   

In a few months we can begin to create wonderful spaces outdoors. I think that this year I am going to transform my backyard into a peaceful place for reflection and meditation as well as beauty.