Sep 12, 2013

What is their name in heaven?

I've always heard about Jane or John Do, but had never encountered one until just recently.  My friend Jim and I were out photographing tombstones for our project.  After photographing three sections, we decided to finish up and made our way over to Babyland in the cemetery.  As I peered thru the tiny square on my camera my eyes focused on the name. There is no name, no date, only nothingness. An overwhelming feeling of abandonment flooded my being. He was all alone. Still. I nearly lost my composure. I lowered my camera and stepped back. Tears started to well up in my eyes. Then a strange thought ran through my head.  What does God call this little one?  I am sure that he is precious in the eyes of the Creator, even if the parents couldn't see his value. A childless photographer wanted to desperately hold this child and to whisper sweet words of love in his ears. I picked up the camera, snapped the picture of his grave marker, then I moved on. And yet, my thoughts lingered at the tiny grave of this unknown baby boy.