Sep 6, 2013

Eagle Marsh with a Macro Lens

In the past month, I bought two lenses, a zoom and a macro. I am still playing around with both of these lenses. Not very far from where I live is a nature preserve called Eagle Marsh.  A friend and I have gone over a couple of times to scope it out and to take pictures. 

The macro lens was only about $100.00, which is relatively cheap in my book. It is a simple lens that screws on top of my zoom lens. So far, I really like the results. The above picture has two bugs mating.  I feel like I have intruded on such a private moment with the creatures. Look away if you must.

I kept walking around and found a red bud.  Not sure what kind of flower it will be. I liked the red and focused on that portion. The result was rather nice, at least, I think so.

Then I found the sun reflecting on a flower stem where all of the petals had fallen off. It was as if it was reaching for the light. 

This picture, too, had the reflection of the sun. Everything in the background is blurred out except the flower.  I think this is really cool, as we used to say in the 60's. 

 A golden flower.  I really like how the middle of the flower has great detail. Since purchasing the lenses, I have had my head stuck in bushes with bees swarming all around and was very close to bugs that I would have rather not been within 20 feet of. Sometimes, a girl must be do some silly things to get a good shot. 

This is me, taken yesterday by my brother's girlfriend.  She did a good job.