Apr 20, 2013

An Eye for an Eye or Shall I Wait for Karma?

We have all been there.  Someone whom we loved or trusted or both, betrayed us.  Then you think of ways to get them back for what they did to you.  Revenge. You mull over the betrayal in your mind until it nearly makes you crazy. You tell yourself, "I want them to suffer as I have suffered, besides if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be in this situation". The pain hurts. It hurts  to the deepest part of your soul. You may not fully recover from the pain, ever.  Betrayal has a tendency to make one not believe in the goodness of mankind. We all have the potential for doing evil. One push too far in the wrong direction and we jump over the cliff, joining those who came before us. Some people give in to it, while others stand firm on their beliefs. Tell me, do you ever think about revenge? Or do you wait for Karma?