Mar 5, 2012

Music that soothes the soul or makes you want to shake your hips

Since I have started taking belly dance class, I have come to really appreciate Arabic music, especially Moroccan.  My teacher would play CD's with the most amazing music while we learned how to move like a belly dancer.  I finally got of the courage to ask for a copy of the CD.  Once she gave me the CD, I listened to the music all of the time. Then I came across a song that was the most sensous sounding song I have ever heard.  What was it's name? I asked the teacher and she didn't know.  I would try to move very slowly and deliberately while listening to this beautiful music.  After weeks and weeks of looking, I gave up.  One evening, I had my family over and was playing the CD while we ate dinner. My brother's girlfriend said I know that song.  Really?  She told me it was from the CD Moroccan Spirit and the song is La Mamounia, which is a restaurant in Marrakech. This is not traditonal music by no means, but it does have some traditional sounds to it. I ordered the CD and have listened to it daily since.  This is a very relaxing CD and,well, I just love it. I take it to work, along with many others, and listen all day.

I received this CD on Saturday and it is the best traditional Moroccan music I have heard to date. I enjoy the singing, the drums, oud, and finger cymbals.  Some of the songs are worshipful and some are remixes.  I really like this CD and will be listening to it for a long time.  I found a copy of this at my local library and loved it.  So, I had to add this to my collection.  It is called The Music of Morocco in the Rif Berber Tradition by ARC Music.  Listening to this kind of music brings me back to Morocco.  Who knows, maybe I will be visiting again.