Mar 1, 2012

A Tajine Show and Tell

My new tajine arrived late yesterday afternoon. I already have 2 other tajines. I bought it from Zamouri Spices. The first tajine I cooked with was aluminum.  It was a challenge getting the temperature right or all of the sauce would disappear.  

The above tajine was the first one that I bought, actually, I bought two of the same and one cracked. They came from Zamouri Spices as well.  It is an extra large and will feed four people very well. What I like the most about cooking in the clay tajine versus the aluminum is the flavor.  The heavy lid keeps the flavor inside where it belongs.

This is a large and is the Moorish style of tajine.  It will feed 3-4 people.  I would like to have a medium one too. However, I have yet to cook in an unglazed version.  To me, it seems like the glazed would be stronger.  I don't know, I am not from that area.