Mar 12, 2012

Mosaics are not just in Morocco

Before my exposure to the wonderful tiles of Morocco, I loved mosaics.  Often I would meander my way through books and dream of how my bathroom or kitchen would look with such lovely patterned tiles in them.  I have a folder crammed full of pictures and put safely in my desk for future creation. Everyday I drive past a long gone restaurant but there are a couple of places where tiles have been put into the wall.  So, today I went there and took these pictures.

I have always wanted break up dishes and things and create a mosaic out of the broken pieces. I was too scared to try.

In the picture below there is a cup at the upper left hand corner of the grate.

I have been looking at another place too. 

For a long time I drive by what appears to be a bar and think one day I will take a picture of the tiles.  The wall is in need of repair and many of the tiles are broken.

However, beauty is still there. So, you don't have to go abroad to see beautiful tile work.  Sometimes it is in your own city and possibly near your back door.