Apr 27, 2018

Scotland: The land of stone lifting and burly men in kilts.

Scotland, the land of mountain wildernesses, the thistle, and stone lifting to prove one's manhood. When one of co-workers wheeled himself over to my desk to tell me about Scotland's ancient ritual for men to prove their manhood, I was enthralled. Visions of burly bearded men in kilts danced through my head.

 The stone put is called heavy athletics in the modern day Highland games.  A stone that weighs approximately 20-30 pounds is firmly held with one hand as it rests on the neck of the man before it is flung into the air with amazing agility.  It is said that a clean hand and a dirty neck is the perfect combination for success in this event. 

Stone lifting has been going on in the British Isles, especially Scotland, for a very long time. You were not considered a man until you could life a Manhood Stone to your waist or on top of a stone wall.  The Dinnie Stones are two stones  with metal handles that are lifted simultaneously weighing approximately 734 pounds.  Doing this is not for the faint of heart.  The documentary below is from Rogue and the cinematography is wonderful. Watching this made me want to go to Scotland and witness this manly sporting event.