Apr 15, 2015

Why I like the color green

Do you remember being asked what your favorite color was when you were a child?  The youngster would quickly tell you the color that is the most appealing to them.  When asked why, the child wasn't articulate enough to expound their reasoning for liking the color. I was one of those children. In my heart I knew that I liked the color but to explain the attraction was beyond my limited vocabulary.  Green and all of its shades have spoken to me for as long as I can remember. 

One day a friend and I went to the Edwin Warner National Park in Nashville, Tennessee for a hike. It was April and the leaves had begun slowly to emerge from their winter cocoon.  

I looked all around me and green was everywhere. As we walked the narrow path my eyes darted up and down trying to take in the serenity that I felt. No noise was heard but the rustle of the leaves and the shuffle of our feet on the path. 

The wind began to blow in my ear, whispering.  "This is for you," The voice whistled in a low hum. 

I continued to try and take in the beauty that I saw. And if I could, I would have liked to put it in my pocket and save it for a grey winter day when my spirit was low.  This is what green means to me and why I like the color. Do you have a favorite color?