Sep 28, 2014

Creamy Green & Wax beans, with Red & Golden Potatoes Salad

It is harvest time here in Indiana and the fields are already turning a bright golden color. A friend and I went to a small city about 40 minutes south of where we live into Amish country. I love the drive, especially to breath in the country air. We saw a lot of farms and horses. 

The crops are coming in, especially green beans. We, also, have wax beans which are a light yellow in color. Yesterday, while at the Warsaw Street market one of the vendors had a bag of the green and wax beans together, which reminded me of a salad that I have been making for a long time.  If you don't have fresh you can use frozen or canned or both.  I don't believe that wax beans are frozen here in the states but green beans are.  

This is a simple recipe and I really enjoy the diversity of taste from the mixture of cumin and dill along with the creaminess of the mayonnaise. It is really good right after it is prepared. 


1 cup green beans,  cut into 1 inch pieces,cooked and tender
1 cup of wax beans, cut into 1 inch pieces, cooked and tender
1/2 lb baby red potatoes, boiled with skin on,tender, cut lengthwise
1/2 lb baby gold potatoes, boiled with skin on, tender, cut lengthwise
1 tsp cumin
2 large pinches of dill
3/4 - 1 cup of mayonnaise, more or less to your desired wetness
1 tbs white vinegar
1/2 tsp sugar
pepper to taste

Cook the vegetables until tender. Set aside to cool. Once the vegetables are cool add to a medium mixing bowl. Next, add the dill, cumin, vinegar, mayonnaise, sugar, pepper, and toss.  This can be served chilled or lukewarm. Serve with baked chicken or fish and crispy bread.  Enjoy!