Jun 28, 2014

Raised flower beds, colored bottles, and fire pits

I have been doing a lot of work outside this spring and summer and have accomplished several projects.  Cooking in outdoor spaces really appeals to me.  The smokey flavor that permeates the food as it slowly cooks over an open fire is well worth the wait.  Last year while visiting my brother's family I noticed that he had made a small fire pit in his back yard.  It was simply made with bricks.  He told me that he burns leaves in it and also has a tripod and often cooks meals as well.  I went home and thought about how I wanted mine to look.  I dug a hold about a foot or two deep and surrounded the hole with bricks. Once I got the bricks the way that I wanted them, I glued them together with landscape adhesive. Then I cooked a tagine on it.  Oh how heavenly! More than this, I didn't need a man to help me.  

Then I decided to put a raised flower bed in front of the fire pit.  For years I have wanted to grow tomatoes, but didn't have the time or energy to do it.  I had a little extra money this summer and on a whim I decided to just do it.  I went to the store, bought the wood , about 20 bags of dirt, and commenced on this somewhat simple project.  After returning to the store a couple of times for more supplies the bed was done.  Then came the cats.  They thought that I had built them an extra large litter box.  I tried sprinkling cinnamon, which failed after it rained. Then I decided to use chicken wire and lay on the beds.  At this writing I am waiting to see what happens with the "poop" situation because I laid the chicken wire today. Again, I did this project by myself.  Afterwards, I felt like I was going to die, but instead I lived to put in two tomato plants the next day. 

Last but not least, I really like green and blue, especially cobalt blue.  I have been collecting a few bottles to make a bottle tree of sorts.  It is very popular here in the states. Initially I bought some dowels, cut them in half and placed the decorated bottles on top.  I wasn't really crazy about the look. Last year I bought four metal trellis' for moon plants that I had in my flower bed at the time.  This year I didn't plant them.  The trellis sat there bare.  I was laying in bed thinking about my garden and it struck me that I could hang them on the trellis'.  When I hung the first one, I quickly added the rest. I had to decorate them of course! They give the garden a bit of color and maybe a little break from the ordinary garden look.  


So, when people tell you that it is impossible to do something, I think you should accept the challenge and show them otherwise.  More projects coming up.