Jun 26, 2014

Book of Kells: The worlds most beautiful book

The "Book of Kells" is also call the book of Columba, this book is considered one of the most beautiful books in the world. The four volume set contains the Four Gospels written in Latin during Medieval times.  Luckily, it now can be seen on line if you are not able to make the long journey to Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.  The text was written on calf skin, which I am sure was an arduous task.  

Portrait of John

After a Viking raid in the 9th century the book was moved to Kells, Ireland. Then in the 11th century it was stolen and the cover was torn off.  It was in possession by the Catholics in the mid 1500's and then returned to Ireland in the 17th century. The lavish beauty of the artwork is mesmerizing even though I cannot read the text. It is really worth looking at it.  I would surely enjoy seeing it in person. 

Here is the link to view the Book of Kells at Trinity College website.