Mar 29, 2014

Facebook and that Infamous "Like" button

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I am a very sensitive person.  Maybe hypersensitive is more like it. My family thinks that I am a drama queen, and yes, I can wear that crown quite proudly. People like to share their thoughts and feelings with friends and family on Facebook. However, there is something that happens frequently that really gets to me; No, it gets in my craw (American slang, sorry). We've all seen it and maybe you have done it more frequently than you know.  You see a post on the website and you hit that infamous "like" button.  Oh look my friend posted a pretty picture or a lovely quote and your mouse heads toward the button without your mind being engaged. However,there are some people who hit the like button whenever someone puts a death notice on line. Really? This is something that I never understood. You honestly "like" the fact that Aunt Bessie died or you cannot muster the strength to type a little comforting statement such as: I am sorry for your loss? I can hear it now. "I don't know what to say" is your excuse, so, you instinctively hit the "like" button. 

If we could just think about the pain that the other person is experiencing on the other side of that post maybe we could say something comforting instead rather than just pushing a button.  What are your thoughts?