Jan 31, 2014

Orchids and Journals of Anais Nin

This winter my orchid plant was dormant. A friend gave it to me last year,it was blooming and ever so lovely.  In the fall, the flowers dropped and all that was left were two green but barren sticks protruding from the ground.  I had contemplated throwing the plant away. Instead, I kept watering and feeding, thinking that maybe it is resting. Look at what has bloomed so unexpectedly!  I am thrilled. 

Don't you think that is how we are?  Sometimes we go for long periods of time without making any kind of progress, or so we think.  Then buds come out of those barren branches and our lives take a turn. Then we bloom like we have never before.  

I am currently reading Linotte, the first in a series of Anais Nin's journals.  She started writing in her notebook when she was 11 years old and had just arrived in the States. She knew from that age that she was meant to be a writer.  It was in her blood. She couldn't see herself working in any other career.  For a child, her writing was very good. She has a lot of witty sayings, of which, I have written in a small notebook that I carry every where. I am going to leave you with this:

I am a leaf that isn't on the right tree. I fly, I run, I search, but why keep looking on this tree when my happiness is hidden in another?