Jan 24, 2014

Ice Instruments: Music to chill by

This time of year can be miserable for those of us who dread winter. The lack of sunshine, bone chilling temperatures, and additional warm clothing can put out of good humor until spring. 

This week on NPR (National Public Radio), I heard a snippet of a story about ice instruments.  Norway put on a Ice Music Festival with instruments made completely of ice.  As I listened to what I could of the program, I was enamored with the possibility of making music out of something that seemed so unnatural. They called it the frozen sounds of winter. The thing about the whole process is the quality of the ice. Lakes produce the best ice and the man made variety will never do. Location can also be a problem as well. The temperature must be at zero (or below) or melting will occur, which could be disastrous for the instruments. I have to admit it was lovely to listen to. 

But why would someone want to sit outside in -15 degree temperatures to listen to music?  Can I buy the CD instead?