Feb 2, 2012

Marrakesh and Maryam

My Marrakesh is my favorite blog and discovered it while trying to find out more on Morocco. I have been reading Maryam Montague's blog for a very long time. She is living a dream life in Morocco. She was born in Egypt to an American father and an Iranian mother. Maryam's father taught her that the world was hers to explore and she has done just that. Her job is as a human rights and democracy specialist, which takes her all over Africa on assignment. Maryam shares her pictures of the many people/cultures she comes in contact with via her blog. There is nothing ordinary about this woman nor the life that she lives. She and her husband have a hotel called Peacock Pavilions on their olive grove estate in Marrakesh. Yes they have an olive grove! I watched with anticipation as the hotel came into being.  Often I looked at the pictures and dreamt of staying there, listening to the quiet while enjoying the vast landscape.  Her motto about life is:"Roll down the window, turn the music up and grab the steering wheel, there's a whole world waiting for you right outside.  Be brave and don't censor yourself." Oh to live such a life!

It seems like she has been working this book forever and I am sure that it will be well worth the wait. This May it will be released and I have pre-ordered my copy because I want it as soon as it comes out. You can order it from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.