Oct 26, 2011

I've Buried the Hatchet and I am Moving On...

Monday was the year anniversary of when my marriage fell apart. On that day last year my husband moved out. I came home from work to an empty house and cried an ocean of tears.  Each of my footsteps echoed throughout the house. I encountered an emptiness that I had not experienced in a long time. Extreme loneliness settled in.

Here it is a year later. My life has changed a little since that time. I am still blogging, I am belly dancing, and I have put myself out there for another love to come into my life.  I need to bury the past and not look back.  But how do I accomplish this?  Living one day at a time was very hard at the beginning, now it is easier. Native Americans coined the phrase: "Burying the Hatchet" it is when two parties have come to an agreement. They take a hatchet and bury it so that no one will use that weapon to make war with the other. My goal is peace. I agree not to mourn the loss of my marriage any longer. I want good love to be drawn into my life.  I must let go of the pain and hurt.  I need freedom. It is time to open a new chapter.  Life goes on and so must I.

The label is symbolic of the time I had with my husband.  Today, it is buried in the back yard.  One of my readers told me that when God (Allah) takes away something it frees us up so that He can give us something better.  I am looking forward to genuine love, and its only purpose is loving.