Dec 8, 2015

The White Swan and Winter

Last night while driving over to my cousin's house I saw the Bass Mansion all lit up.  It is a beautiful place in the daytime, but at night it is a vision. 

The pond was surrounded with milk jugs filled with light.  Exactly how, I have no idea, but the effect is stunning, and from the road you cannot tell what the lights are. While visiting with my cousin I asked my aunt if she would like to go and see the covered bridge in Spencerville the next day.  So, today we decided to go on an adventure.  

Somehow, we ended up on the wrong road and went to another city. While trying to navigate with the GPS we drove past a white bridge. I saw the reflection in the water that was so lovely. I turned the car around.  I'm not sure if we were on private property or not but I drove up as close as I could leaving tire tracks in the grass. 

As I was backing up, my aunt noticed a lovely swan swimming gracefully in the pond.  I was out of the car again, hoping that the owners of the property were not home, I was really pressing my luck by staying so long.  Swans remind me of a ballerina or maybe I have seen The Nutcracker too many times. Their feathers seem light and airy as if they are floating around the body of the swan while they glide effortlessly in the water.  

We eventually made it to the Spencerville bridge that was built in 1873.  A year or so ago a semi truck drive got lost and drove across the bridge causing severe damage to the structure.  

There are now new boards in the upper portion of the bridge, supporting the structure.  

This is a view from the side of the bridge and below is a shot from inside looking out at the water. The reflection of the sky illuminated the water giving it a blue cast, it was absolutely beautiful.  

Here in Indiana it has been very warm and I would rather be outside than trapped indoors until April.