Jul 24, 2015

The signs that summer is soon coming to a close.

This evening, I went for a walk, it was a very long one.  There are lots of flowers everywhere.  While strolling along, I listened to the sounds of nature with each step that I took. The Cicada's are already singing their song that winter is coming soon.  I dread to hear that same melody which is sung every summer, even though it sounds lovely as I pass by.  

Insects and bugs are out in abundance, especially the mosquito's because of the excessive amount of rain we've had. My steps took me to the park and as I strolled through the gardens I saw the flowers above with metallic like bugs sitting two by two on the head of a flower.  I am not sure if they were mating or exactly why they decided to pair up in this way. The flower has seen better days, but I am sure that its job is complete before the season is over. 

I noticed a modestly covered angel that was bathed in the sun's golden light and surrounded by hostas. I tried to stay in the moment as I looked at it.  Isn't that what we are told to do?  But is is hard.  My mind focused on the future.  I have noticed that the nights are getting shorter.  Winter is coming soon, I said to myself. Enjoy this while you can. At that moment, I wanted time to stand still.  I wanted every day to be just like today, where the air is cool, with lush green grass everywhere, and the outdoors is an overall place of enjoyment. Life is but a dream...