Oct 20, 2014

Spreading your Branches

The fall has come into its full color and I love it.  Yesterday, I went to Spencerville to photograph the scenery, especially the covered bridge and had a wonderful time looking around.  

This past week, I decided to finally name my photography business Batch Blues Photography. The problem I had was naming the business. Every name I thought of was already taken. One day at work I was entering information into the computer from some correspondence that we received and looked at the page and there it was, my epiphany, written in black and white. I studied the two words for a few minutes, Batch:Blues. I rolled it over and over in my mind, then I wrote the two words down. Immediately, I knew that was the name for my business. The process has been slow but I will be adding a Facebook page shortly. 

Lately all that I think about is getting the next shot and want to start sharing with you my pictures.  I still want to share recipes and stories as well, but really focus on my passion of photography. 

Sometimes we have to spread our branches and show the world our true colors.