Oct 5, 2013

Making a step

Just recently, I had my house and garage painted.  Then a new side entry door along with a screen door was installed.  The next thing I needed was a step.  There had never been one there at the side and it was very high to try and get into without grabbing onto the walls.  I went to the store to find out how much a single cement step would cost.  The man quoted me $110.00, which I think is very expensive.  He took me out into the yard where all of the stones were kept.  As I looked around I noticed that there were retaining wall stones that would do just fine for my need and at a much reduced cost.  I told the man that I could make a step out of any of the stones he had for sale for a fraction of the cost.  He said, "Yes you can."  I thanked him for his time and went to work picking out ones that fit together.  I am quite proud of myself. Most of all, I saved myself $90.00. My grand total was $26.00, with the cost of the construction glue.