Oct 25, 2012

Finding Mr. Wright and House Painting

Can you imagine going all summer with my house scraped and no paint on it? I refused to invite anyone over because I was too embarassed to. My house is nearly painted now.  I've gone through three handy men this year.  It all started in March.  The first guy started and scraped 3/4 of the house.  Then he started asking for money and then didn't show up for several weeks.  The next guy did the same thing, except he didn't get any money and didn't show up for months. I don't have months to play around with here. The third guy was the winner.  I should have chosen the third guy in the first place.

I spent all summer waiting on the second guy to finish.  He stopped coming mid May. Then I started bugging him to find out when he was coming to paint.  "Oh, I am coming, " he said. Then one day, I discovered that he came and picked up his stuff without telling me when I went into the garage to get something. 

Now, I have a beautiful green house with white trim.

We still have work to do, but it is no longer embarassing to look at.  At least not from the front.  I am sure my neighbors are glad to see that I have finally done something.

I think that the door will be the color of eggplant.  Purple and green go so well together.  Tomorrow, I put on new porch lights and my house number. My mail carrier will be pleased. (My neighbors on both sides of me don't have their numbers on either) I am so thankful that I was able to do this without going into debt.  Really, I am very thankful.